In a situation where there is no physical hand available to prepare the invoice, the Automated Billing Services come into use. The customers get the super convenience of receiving electronic invoices, which are generated by this Automated Billing System, which, if left to manual ways would have taken much longer time with no guaranteed accuracy. Greater efficiency and accuracy is made possible due to billing automation. The company or business which uses this kind of billing system saves on both money and energy.

The features that are available with Automated Billing Systems

The use of automated billing is common today with companies of all sizes and all types, from health-care to transportation ,manufacturing sector to finance, from intricate sales processes to simple billing systems. Business types ranging from Online retail stores and telecommunications use this type of software. The Automated billing System thus have made its mark by saving the company time and resources. Moreover, it reduces manual labor and makes the entire process hassle-free and convenient.

  • The invoices are prepared accurately because the software is designed in such a way that it contains the customer’s profile along with all the data required. These generally include the basic information, like the name of the customer, Billing address, contact number and address, and of course the email ID so that the bill can be sent over via the internet. Mostly these data are collected from other sources that have something to do with customer usage.
  • Billing automation is an action in which the invoicing for goods and services are done without needing manual intervention or help. This kind of billing systems makes it possible to electronically deliver the bill to the customer, further lowering the cost to the company.
  • Automated billing services of this type make it possible to receive and apply payments to outstanding invoices. For example, embedded links are there is email invoices which allows the customer to pay directly. Without the need for manual intervention the software recognizes and receives the payment, matches it against the correct invoice number, and the payment is then reflected in the customer’s account.
  • Where there is a recurring payment that must be requested on a weekly or monthly basis, Automated billing services work very well. This is also applicable where a customer has a standing order. In automated billing system, the system can be configured to automatically generate standing or recurring invoices to the appropriate customers.


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