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Efficient School Management System Software To Streamline All Operations

Are you finding it difficult to efficiently manage your school? After all, there are bound to be errors with a human staff responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and managing every aspect of an educational institution. As such, you need our school management system software to streamline the management process.

Iwebnext is one of the best school management software development companies in the US and Canada. We provide a ready-made school management system to simplify all major school activities. As such you will be able to effectively manage your school with it.

  • Admission Management

    Admission is one of the most critical schools administrative tasks. Our software will help streamline it by maintaining a database of students who applied for various classes. It will also keep track of the courses offered, criteria for admission, and student progression. Also, it will give out admission forms, publish results, shortlist candidates and do much more.

  • Attendance Management

    Our student attendance management system will streamline the entire attendance taking, storing, and tracking process. Whether you have hundreds of students or thousands, our software will manage it all.

    With our software, you will be able to keep track of both student and staff attendance. Also, the attendance system can be linked to the payroll module. As such, staff salary can get determined by attendance.

    Also, our software will provide comprehensive attendance reports when you want. You can even set a minimum attendance limit with alerts. This will send notifications to the assigned teachers if the attendance of a student goes lower than that.

  • Examination Management

    Our software will streamline the entire examination process. It will generate hall/admit cards, set seating arrangements, send timetables, and show results. The system has inbuilt templates that will make it easy for you to set test papers, especially for MCQ tests.

  • Accounts Management

    Any human-managed accounting system is bound to have errors in it. But you can avoid it with our software. Our school management software for small schools and large schools comes loaded with tax and accounting regulations. This will help you manage salary dispersal, fee records, school expenses, and more.

    To help you manage your institution effectively our software will generate comprehensive financial reports when you want. Whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly reports, our system will provide it all.

  • Staff Management

    A school needs to employ a sizable staff to keep it operational and functional. But manually managing a large staff isn't easy. That's where our school management system can help. With this, you will be able to maintain complete records of employed personnel.

    These records will contain their attendance, qualifications, performance reports, medical issues, complaints, and more. These records will be linked to the payroll module so that payment becomes easier.

  • Laboratory Management

    Our laboratory management module will help you keep track of all kinds of experiments that get carried out in your school lab. It will carry out lab bookings, schedule all the experiments, recommend instruments, store results, delegate work, etc.

    Our software will streamline the hectic lab process and also send alerts if the lab is running low on components.

  • Transport Management

    Using our software, you will be able to track the transport options available in your institution. This will ensure that the drivers, passengers, and the vehicle remains safe.

    Along with tracking, our system will also store the commonly used routes, student drop-off points, and driver details. It will also send alerts to authorized school personnel about the vehicle location at all times.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our support and maintenance team will monitor the app to ensure that there aren't any bugs or security issues. They will ensure that the app keeps on offering a seamless user experience.

    Our complete and comprehensive school management system will help you efficiently manage and streamline various areas of your school. So don't let your institute still linger in the paper-era. Contact us now to switch to our modern school management software.

    If you want more information about the modules, then check out our student management system website.