Refund Policy

Refund Policy

A customer is informed about a company’s rules and regulations regarding refunds and return, through a policy which is generally known as A Return and Refund Policy. It usually has the following information:-

  • How many days the customers have to return a product
  • How will they receive the refund (credit or replacement)
  • If the company offers refunds for digital products or in-app purchases
  • Who pays for shipping to return the product

A company's Return Policy or Refund Policy should include at least the following sections:

  • The numbers of days a customer can notify you for wanting to return an item / service after they have received it
  • What kind of refund, you will give to the customer after the item is returned: another similar product, a store credit, etc.
  • Who will pay for the return shipping.

We at Iwebnext Services, adopt diverse cancellation policies for our various services. For more details on this kindly refer to respective service agreement.

Request related to cancellation must be submitted to the finance and sales department of Iwebnext Services. Through following emails you can submit your cancellation request at ( and ) or mailing the letter (At our address on the website). On receipt of your request, our accounts department will contact you for issues on cancellation and will advise you related to further process. Until you don’t get a cancellation code from our accounts team, your cancellation won’t be considered valid.